An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

Former Christadelphian Sites

Christadelphian HistoryRECOMMENDED!!

Branson Hopkins, a former Christadelphian has authored three easily readable books. “Unmasking Christadelphianism – The Hopelessness of the Hope” looks at some of the history of the movement and its theological difficulties. “From Christadelphianism to Christ” is an account of his personal journey.  The final book, “The Rise of the Cults,” looks in depth at the cultural background of the emergence of the movement and how the period resulted in the start of many other new religious groups.  It also details how the various leaders of these movements were influenced and connected to each other.

His site is fairly limited, although it has a good genealogical diagram of connected denominations with shared origins to the Christadelphians.

His books are well worth reading and are published by Jubilee Resources.

There is a rebuttal to the first book which I have linked to so people can do their own assessments.

UPDATE!! New site with Biblical references on the topic of the Holy Spirit and demons, Branson Hopkins Christianity.

UPDATE!! New books published: “More than 50 Miracles” and “Old Covenant? Renewed Covenant? or New Covenant!.”


This is probably one of the best sites dealing with Biblical exegesis of Christadelphian doctrine.  Described as “opening minds to Jesus Christ” this author produces some excellent and very well researched material on his blog, particularly on the topic of the devil.  Clearly many of the New Testament authors in particular did believe in a literal supernatural being and demons and to take on the Christadelphian position makes understanding lots of passages extremely complex.  Unlike other Christians who do not believe in the devil or demons Christadelphians do not believe it is simply a case of demythologising the text, but believe the New Testament writers themselves conceived of Satan as merely a symbol of evil and not as a personal being.

He also has a website here which contains a lot more additional material.


A blog seeking to prove why Christadelphianism is NOT ‘The Truth’ from an atheistic perspectice.  There is also a Facebook Page.


Stories of ex-Christadelphians, their experiences and struggles.

Ex-Christadelphian Voice of ReasonRECOMMENDED!!

Very informative well written and researched site.

It also has a Facebook page and a Google Plus page.

The author also has a satirical site, The Christian Dolphin.

R Sutcliffe TheologisticsRECOMMENDED!!

A site exploring the complex issues raised by the nature of Christ by a former Christadelphian.  Ruth has also published a book called, “The Trinity Hurdle – Engaging Christadelphians, Arians and Unitarians with the Gospel of the Triune God.”

Vanessa RussellRECOMMENDED!!

Site of author who has published a novel, “Holy Bible” exploring (to quote), “a damaged family growing up in a Christian sect in Ballarat.  To them the Bible provides everything that any of them need to know about life, the future and Jesus Christ’s imminent return.  They are forbidden from straying, or risk being ostracised.”  Based on her experiences growing up in the Christadelphians.

Site appears to be defunct!

Wisdom Within

A site by a former Christadelphian promoting writing as a form of therapy, something which resonates with my own experiences.


A Biblical blog by Rob Hyndman who was prominent amongst Australian Christadelphians.  He is a professor in statistics, advocated the community in many publications (which are still being sold) and also edited resources for their Sunday Schools which are widely in use.  He started by questioning certain aspects of the faith and now describes himself as an “unbeliever.”

He also had a site on Bible news.

He has now written a book, Unbelievable, to explain the reasons that led him to question - and ultimately reject - his former beliefs.

Andrew McFarland Campbell

A personal site by a former Christadelphian who actively promotes homosexuality as consistent with a Bible based approach towards Christianity.  He maintains a website called Gay Christadelphians.  He also has a more general website focused on the same issues where he now identifies himself as a liberal Christian called Faith and Pride.


New website.

A Soul IntentionNEW!!

New blog by a former member of the Christadelphians for 40 years.