An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

Former Christadelphians

The intention of this site is principally to provide information to enable people to be able to make reasoned decisions.  It is not to advise people to stay or leave the Christadelphians.  I do however acknowledge that the nature of the community, its structures and internal contradictions provide some well established difficulties for many people.  The support links provided are to help with the recognised difficulties whilst acknowledging that belonging to a defined community where family and friends may be involved is not without strengths and advantages.  Weighing these matters against each other in an imperfect world is part of the process of life.

Articles in this Section

Support Groups

Details about online support groups for former Christadelphians.

Support Links

Details about relevant support links for former Christadelphians.

Out of Fellowship Christadelphian Support Guide

An initial framwork for a support guide to explain the potential difficulties and some thoughts about ways forward for those who leave the Christadelphians.