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The Gospel Banner and Millennial Advocate 1867

Benjamin Wilson was a contemporary of John Thomas.  In fact it has been suggested he was baptised with his brother Joe, by him.  Although initially they considered each other brethren they separated over whether the saints would be raised mortal or immortal.  John Thomas believed they were raised mortal and went on to found the Christadelphians.  Benjamin Wilson believed they were raised immortal and established the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith (COGAF).  Both movements were to subsequently divide and some Christadelphians today would like to reunite with a remaining element of the COGAF.  Benjamin Wilson also self taught himself Greek and published the Emphatic Diaglott, a word by word translation which was largely to support the views he shared with John Thomas.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses (who share many similarities) subsequently bought the copyright and it played a role in their New World translation of the Bible:

The following is a scan of issues of a periodical called The Gospel Banner for the year 1867 published by Benjamin Wilson:


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David King, a British leader in the Restoration Movement quoted from it (its on page 268) to show the kind of diatribes John Thomas engaged in.