An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

Joining and Leaving the Christadelphians

A consideration of the processes involved in joining and leaving the Christadelphians.

The Process of Conversion

Details of the major methods used by the community to try and convert people to the Christadelphian movement.

Becoming a True Believer

A description of the mental process through which a potential convert needs to go to and what they are required to do in order to become a member of the faith. In a way it’s a bit like a marriage of interests. There are deep seated reasons why people seek religious knowledge, experiences or even have material or social needs that a religion like the Christadelphians can appeal to. I would suggest conversion occurs when these seem to be sufficiently well aligned and an in-depth article on the “appeal of the Christadelphians” may be worth another article at some stage.

Why Do People Leave?

Those who leave or who are disfellowshipped usually have have more in-depth knowledge and experience because of a more mature association with the community than “someone from outside” to use Christadelphian terminology. This article consideres some of the major reasons why people leave.

The Practice of Disfellowshipping

A description of the practice of disfellowshipping and how it is undertaken.