An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

New Stuff

21 NOV 2017 Is Russia Coming to Israel for a Spoil? looking at constant assertions and expectations that Israel has lots of oil.
18 DEC 2016 Survey Report on the relationship of people with the Christadelphian Community by a group calling themselves the Lively Stones Collective.”
18 DEC 2016 Made some changes to the page Christadelphian Meetings.
6 JAN 2015 New section for links to Articles From Other Sites added.
15 FEB 2014 Updated version of Satan the Devil put online.  This is a book submitted by a site reader.  Compare it to the normal Christadelphian view that references to the devil and Satan in the Bible are the result of translator bias and misunderstood personalisation.  Also the Biblical authors were simply using the linguistics of the day when they referred to demons and in fact had no belief in them.
2 FEB 2014 Initial writeup on Money and the Christadelphians.
16 JAN 2014 Revised writeup of the section Wrestling with the Need to Change.
23 DEC 2013 Mind Map readded.
23 DEC 2013 A historical piece on Gladstone and Politics looking at past Christadelphian involvement in politics as conscientious objectors.
7 DEC 2013 The Links Section has been revised with a system to help newcomers find the most useful sites.
21 NOV 2013 Update added to Christadelphian Magazine involved in Major Fraud Investigation.
6 OCT 2013 Link to Interview of Vanessa Russell about her novel, “Holy Bible” which was based on her experiences growing up as a Christadelphian.
16 SEP 2013 Website counter added to site.
31 AUG 2013 Pictures of preaching on the Signs of the Times by a well known Christadelphian.  He advises modern members today to be wary due to past failures.
2 JUL 2013 Novel based on the Christadelphians, “Holy Bible,” now in publication.
20 JUN 2013 Blog article written on Evolution and the Bible.
23 MAY 2013 Quotation showing the prediction by the founder of the Christadelphians, John Thomas, of The Return of Christ by 1866.
15 MAY 2013 Blog article written on The Progressive Nature of the Bible.
26 OCT 2012 Added some more information on Site Contributors in the section about the Editor.
11 OCT 2012 A set of periodicals, The Gospel Banner and Millennial Advocate 1867, written by Benjamin Wilson added.  John Thomas, the founder of the Christadelphians, separated from him over whether the saints would be raised mortal or immortal and they went on to found different denominations.  Also added more to section, John Thomas on Former Brethren.
6 OCT 2012 Exploratory article on Christadelphians and Sustainability.
22 SEP 2012 Updated “The Role of Women” and included some commonly used Bible quotes.  Also added some verses showing the Oral Transmission of the Gospel.
13 SEP 2012 Interesting Christadelphian Letters of Disfellowship.
9 SEP 2012 Read an article written by David King, a contemporary of John Thomas, The History and Mystery of Christadelphianism.
16 AUG 2012 Section started for Films and Videos.  Suggestions for additions welcome.
15 AUG 2012 Historical quotes from The Christadelphian magazine showing the belief John Thomas Rediscovered the Truth added.
11 AUG 2012 Section on Critical Analysis of Christadelphian Theology expanded and Verses on the Holy Spirit added.
22 JUL 2012 Section on The Process of Conversion expanded.
16 JUN 2012 Information on the ongoing Investigation for Major Fraud by the former editor of The Christadelphian magazine.
25 MAR 2012 Wrestling With the Need For Change rewritten.
1 JAN 2012 Read about How Robert Roberts Altered the Statement of Faith and the machinations involved in the process of making the movement a creedal denomination.
26 DEC 2011 Learn about Conscientious Objection and the Christadelphian view of involvement in war.  Also its humble beginnings in Poverty and Early Recruitment.
3 OCT 2011 Examine the limitations of language and the Question of Semantics.
2 OCT 2011 Read a Critical Analysis of Christadelphian Theology
1 SEP 2011 Read about the Return of the Law of Moses and the Restoration of Animal Sacrifices.
20 AUG 2011 Robert Roberts asked about the Holy Spirit in a Question to a Christadelphian Pioneer added.
4 JUL 2011 Picture of A Christadelphian Church added.
24 JUN 2011 Read an historical perspective on Patriarchalism and the Women in the Movement.
29 APR 2011 Learn how a Christadelphian Meeting works.
24 APR 2011 Organisational Overview completed and Constitution of the Royal Association of Believers in New York added.
13 MAR 2011 Section on The Mount Olivet Prophecy and This Generation added to the article, God’s 7000 Year Plan.
5 MAR 2011 List of Non-Christadelphian Doctrines believed by those who have been presented by Christadelphian as Brethren added.  Section about the Changing Explanations clarified further and separated from the influences which led to the Christadelphians being formed.
4 MAR 2011 Section of five articles on The Interpretation of the Bible completely rewritten in more detail.
20 FEB 2011 Initial section written on the Christadelphian Approach to Balancing the Bible.  Also initial consideration of Mental Illness.
13 FEB 2011 The Early History of the Kingdom of God in Britain by William Norrie, explores the early days of the movement following the preaching trips of John Thomas to Britain both before the name “Christadelphian” was used and the wide adoption of creeds.  Also added a piece On Exclusivity in recognition that towards the latter end of his life John Thomas was moving away from his initial advocation against creeds and have altered the wording in the overview too.
9 FEB 2011 Links Section has been revised into group sections for ease of use.
6 FEB 2011 Note on edited works added to Sources of Information, also learn the basis of the failed 1910 prediction for the return of Christ and its relevance today in God’s 7000 Year Plan.  A section on Site Relevance and Feedback has also been added.
3 FEB 2011 Find about the Christadelphians who were uncomfortable with the creedal process and the establishment of church authority in two articles in a contemporary Christadelphian magazine, High Church Christadelphians, and Doctor Thomas and Free Enquiry.
29 JAN 2011 Read about the Early Creedal Flexibility of the Christadelphians.
23 JAN 2011 The Grave of John Thomas and Robert Roberts added to the Picture section.
22 JAN 2011 Read the views of the Christadelphian founder on a Pre-Adamic Creation.  Section also added on Reading the Bible.
17 JAN 2011 Footnote added to the Original Statement of Faith as extra material has come to light.
16 JAN 2011 Picture of the First Christadelphian Fraternal Gathering and a consideration of the theological role of the Christadelphian founders in Pioneers and Prophets.
9 JAN 2011 Initial consideration on Independence of Thought added as well as an advocation to Prove All Things by the Christadelphian founder, John Thomas.
8 JAN 2011 Section on Prophecy expanded.
1 JAN 2011 Christadelphian position on Homosexuality added.
26 DEC 2010 Initial framework of Out of Fellowship Christadelphian Support Guide written.
19 DEC 2010 Very brief description of The Role of Women added.
19 DEC 2010 Added some more information in response to unsolicited advice in the Personal Section.
17 DEC 2010 Expanded material on Relationships with Christadelphians.
17 DEC 2010 Section on Church Organisation and Authority revised further.
12 DEC 2010 Disclaimer added to Links Section in response to a request that a link be removed because it had an agenda which was different to that promoted by it.
8 DEC 2010 Sources of Information added.
28 NOV 2010 Rewrote the Christadelphian Basis of Salvation and separated it from Christian Fellowship.
21 NOV 2010 Added new article in the history section about the Influences that led to the establishment of the Christadelphians.  I have also written an Overview of Christadelphian Beliefs.
11 NOV 2010 Is the body of Christ a denomination bounded with a written creed?  Examine the Question of Divine Authority raised by a creedal structure as the basis of church authority.
9 NOV 2010 Proposal by John Thomas to start the Advocate Magazine added.
8 NOV 2010 Unity Agreement in Australia added.
7 NOV 2010 Section on Are the Christadelphians a Cult Group? rewritten.
30 OCT 2010 Article on Prophetical Speculation written.
15 OCT 2010 Learn about Becoming a True Believer.
3 OCT 2010 Wrote initial section on The Practice of Disfellowshipping.
1 OCT 2010 Due to some critique of the page Demons and Pigs the suggestion to clarify things has been followed and an additional page has been written, The Denial of Supernatural Elements in Scripture.
7 SEP 2010 Wrote initial section on The World which is an important area in understanding the Christadelphians.
7 SEP 2010 Actual Christadelphian Constitution added to aid comparison with the model one, described as a System of Rules in the Ecclesial Guide.
5 SEP 2010 Introduction added to Christadelphian Language.
5 SEP 2010 The Christadelphian Unamended Statement of Faith added.
29 AUG 2010 Ecclesial Guide added.