An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

Mainstream Christian Sites

Truth EternalRECOMMENDED!!

A critique by a mainstream Christian who has some useful information and downloads.  A lot of his criticisms reflect a concern there is little recognition of the Biblical concept of grace.  There are also some testimonies and a booklet “What They Said Would Happen” which deals with failed Christadelphian prophecies.

Want Some Answers?RECOMMENDED!!

Interesting critique by a mainstream Christian in response to Christadelphians writing to him.

The Christadelphians Confirm Cult StatusRECOMMENDED!!

A critique of a talk given by a Christadelphian in Cardiff, Wales, denying they are a cult.  Although the commentators definition of a cult is primarily a theological one of non orthodoxy to mainstream Christian views, and therefore can be misleading in some respects, it does make some excellent points.  It also clearly deals with some common misconceptions and misinformation frequently used by Christadelphians, such as inventing a history of predecessors to John Thomas.

Out of Church ChristiansRECOMMENDED!!

It may be worth noting that throughout the Christian world huge numbers of folk are questioning their religious traditions and despite many differences are coming to very similar conclusions.  An interesting book about this phenomenon called “Out of Church Christians” can be read here.  In other words there is a desire by many to go past institutionalised forms of Christianity based upon creeds and systems of church authority.


A Christian website which focuses on apologetics.  Has a section critiquing Christadelphian theology.

When We Criticize The Church

An article from a site, Recovering Grace, for former members of another exclusive grouping.