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Satan the Devil

The following book was submitted by a site visitor and is a comprehensive and well thought refutation of the Christadelphian belief that references to Satan, the Devil and demons are simply personificiations of human nature and mental illness:

For the sake of comparison we include a link to a site which is a well compiled and comprehensive presentation of the Christadelphian position.  This is the second version, updated February 2014:

My own thoughts are found in a section called Denial of the Supernatural and are brief.  I believe the early Christians did believe in a spirit devil and spirit demons and it was not simply a belief in the personification of human nature.  This is the simplest way to read the relevant passages.  I would suggest the Christadelphian position is a rationalisation which has an appeal due to the worldview presented by modern science.  The creative influence behind this interpretation owes its origins to a period called “The Age of Enlightenment.”  This is incidentally how it was seen by contemporary critics of John Thomas who often referred to his beliefs as “materialism.”