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Support Groups for Former Christadelphians

The links below are to a few groups for former Christadelphians.  Please be aware that to join or access them you need to first be registered with Facebook which takes just a few minutes:

Former Christadelphian Discussion and Support Group

This is a mutual support group to help those disfellowshipped, excluded or likely to be for whatever reason.  It also is there to help those who have resigned voluntarily and who share the same set of challenges.  Those who join are required to agree to the general aims of the group.

A Group for Ex-Christadelphians

This group is limited to ex-Christadelphians.

Ex-Christadelphian Christians

Describes itself as “a network for people who have left the Christadelphian faith and found Jesus along the way.”

Women Walking Disorderly

This is a group for women who are in the process of moving on from the Christadelphians. It aims to provide a safe space where they can discuss the ways their past affects the present, in an atmosphere of understanding. They aim to be open-minded and explorative, yet sensitive to the views and feelings of others

Stop Spiritual Abuse!

Not specifically for former Christadelphians, although there are many in this group.  Contains many former and current members from a wide range of churches.