An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.

The Bible Alone

This section is dealing in a more detailed way with the topic of the Bible alone as the basis of holding an authoritative position.  It uses the Christadelphians as a case example:

The Authority of the Bible

Many Christians claim to base their teachings on the Bible alone and will seek to prove themselves theologically by using proof quotes.  This section considers whether this is a position consistent with the early believers, limitations to its adoption, and whether it is an essential Christian requirement.

The Interpretation of the Bible

In practice the ideas of the authority of the Bible alone have not resulted in a consistent interpretation of it.  This section therefore considers some of the most important elements which have to be considered if the Bible alone as a faith position is adopted.