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Links to Useful Software

These are some of the free programs I’ve found useful and they provide perfectly acceptable replacements for most people’s uses, although they may (not necessarily) lack every functionality of the commercial ones.


Probably the best free downloaded computer Bible available.  Huge number of Bibles, commentaries, maps and other aids available.

Acrobat Reader

Free reader to open up pdf files which are often used in historical documents.

VLC Media Player

For those who may want to watch videos in their research, here’s a free player which has many advantages.  Unlike many like media player and real player it plays way more different formats without a need to download different codecs and bits.  It plays almost anything.  In addition it takes less space and doesn’t have all the advertisements the main ones have.


A free editing program which can also be used to convert from different formats such as from pdf files to jpg files.

doPDF Free PDF Converter

Free download to convert Word documents to pdf files.

Open Office

A good free alternative to Microsoft Word.

Lavernock Enterprises

The website of the Technical Advisor of this site.